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    eventListener Help

    leotemp Level 1
      Anyone know why my progress bar isnt triggering my second function specified in the even listener, im using the Event.Complete event but it doesnt seem to happen, if i put complete="initHomeImage02" in the progressBar tag it works..

      public function initHomeImage01():void {
      // write to debug label //
      debug.text= "loading image 01";
      // add event listener for complete event//
      progBar.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE , initHomeImage02);
      // set target object to target image //
      var obj:Object= imgBGGround;
      // set src value for image source to our new image//
      var src:String= "img/flex/"+ "BG.ground.01.jpg";
      // set target of progress bar to target object //
      progBar.source= obj;
      // set progress bar to visible //
      progBar.visible= true;
      // load target source image to target object //