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    Word doc generated from RoboHelp 10 uses "Article" and "Section" as Prefixes in the TOC


      I am generating a printed document, specifically a Word document from a RoboHelp 10 project. When I select Use Styles from Microsoft Word Template in the Print documentation Appearance dialog box, the TOC1 heading in the Word document is prefixed with "Article", the TOC 2 heading is prefixed with "Section", and TOC 3 is alpha numbered like this:

      Table of Contents

      Article I.          The Protocol Probe 1

      Section 1.01     Welcome. 2

      (a)         About this Guide. 2

      Section 1.02     Product Overview.. 3

      (a)         Contacting Us. 3

      Article II.      Install and Configure the Probe 3

      Section 2.01     How to Install the Probe. 6

      Section 2.02     Overview.. 7

      Section 2.03     Server Installation. 8

      (a)         Warnings and Cautions. 8

      (b)         Warning: Adherence to Safety and Assembly Instructions. 8

      This occurs whatever Word template I specify in RoboHelp. It does not occur if I select the Use Styles From Stylesheet checkbox. It also occurs if I generate a PDF.

      When I update TOC in Word the correct numbering and styles I have specified are applied. However, I don’t want to have to do this every time I generate a Word document.

      I have tried the following, all with the same result:

      • Specifying different Word templates in Robohelp
      • Creating a blank template in Word with minimum styles an specifying this template in RoboHelp
      • Recreating the TOC styles in Word
      • Re-installing the style mapping template in Robohelp
      • Looking thru the default mapping and other RoboHelp templates and CSS to see what might be causing the odd numbering.

      I have just installed RoboHelp 10 (no previous version of RoboHelp on system) and have never encountered this problem with any version of RoboHelp before.

      I cannot determine if it is Word or RoboHelp, or a combination of both, that is causing the problem.

      I know that the prefixes that are generated in the Word TOC are defined by List Templates in Word; however there is no real way to edit these in Word as far as I can tell. As far as I can see, the TOC styles in the Word template do not have any specific numbering specified.

      Has anyone encountered this problem before and found a solution? Or does anyone know how RoboHelp specifies the styles for TOC's for Word documents?

      I am using Windows XP SP3, Word 2007 and RoboHelp

      Thanks in advance.