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    Problems exporting PDF in CS5, text missing, images not transparent....


      I am using InDesign CS5 v7.04 on a Mac running 10.8.1.

      (This exact problem has happened to me in previous versions of ID as well though?)


      When I export a document to PDF and view in Preview OR place into another ID document, every other page has an issue where some or all of the text is missing and images that should be transparent are not or are missing as well.  Actually, the first two pages in my current document are OK, the rest, every other page is missing text, images, has non-transparent images that should be transparent... The font I am using is Avenir and the imaages are .png created in PS. The images are in the master.

      WHY is this happening? What do I need to do to fix?

      Thanks in advance for your assistance. I am a mostly self-taught ID user since version 1, just getting back into using it after a long break.