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    Page animation


      I have some animation on a home page here at:




      and seems to work fine.  However, when you browse back to the homepage the transitions animate again.  How do I have the animations only animate once per visit to the page to where once a user browses back to the main page it does not keep re animating like it was the first visit to the site?

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi dpimp!


          Are each of your pages a separate Edge Animate file? If so, you can set a cookie on the user's machine, and check that cookie each time your home Edge Animate file loads. If your site is 1 Edge animate file, you can set a var at the initialize function, and check that var each time you show the home page.


          See this tutorial on setting/getting cookies (put all the code in the Stage/compositionReady event):