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    Update of Expanding Text?

      I am relatively new to RoboHelp. I love the fact that I can take a glossary entry, drag it to a term in my topic, and create an expanding text entry. However, if my glossary entry changes, it doesn't update the expanding text!

      Is there a better way to do this? Am I missing something? Is there at least a report to show what topics contain a glossary text entry so I can keep this updated easily as my project gets bigger?


      David Litman
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi David

          What you can do is to launch the Glossary Hotspot Wizard. ( Tools > Glossary Hotspot Wizard) With that, you can run it against the selected term and it will trawl through the topics looking for the term. You will then have a chance to update the existing terms to match the new information.

          Unfortunately, as you have seen, there is no dynamic link between what is inside the Glossary and the expanding definitions.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick
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            ElisaFnord Level 2
            Do Snippets work in expanding text hotspots?

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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi Elisa

              Nope, Snippets are a block level item. Meaning they have to be on a paragraph of their own. In order for them to work in an Expanding hotspot, you would need the abilty to use just a smidge of text or something.

              Why would a variable not work for this? After all, Expanding Hotspots normally only contain text. Then you would just update the variable to update what displayed.

              Just a thought... Rick