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    "Unable to Download" Error Message


      Hi Folks,


      I have a .acsm file downloaded from my university's ebrary site. In past months, Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) opened this file and downloaded a PDF (or some type of file) and allowed me to read the book for 14 days in that format while using ADE.


      In the past few days, ADE doesn't seem like it can download the PDF that is associated with the .acsm file. I get an error message:

      Error getting License. License Server Communication Problem:



      I have tried to download this on two separate computers from two different networks (home and university) and get the same result. My question is: Do I ask for help from ebrary? Or do I go back to Adobe? I already spent 45 mins with tech support chat today and they were unable to troubleshoot. Is the License Server an Adobe server or is it an ebrary server?