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    Hard return now 5 points instead of 3


      I know it's weird, but I've just upgraded to CS5.5 from CS3 and am rebuilding a document in which, for some reason, the hard return moves five points down where it used to move three. 

      Any ideas how I could effect the distance it goes? 


      I'm building a glossary, so it is a frequent keystroke, leading to lots of extra leading.  (sorry, that was a terrible pun.)


      I've looked all through the preferences and couldn't find anything that seemed to do the trick.


      The document is using nested style features, so I need to continue using a hard return in order to effect the following entry.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There's only two ways really


          1) Decrease the leading


          2) Decrease the Space Before/After

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            J~mer Level 1

            Awesome!  Thank you! I used idea #2 and it totally worked~  I'd forgotten that little box there.  Cheers~

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              To be on the safe side I'd suggest you see Remove minor corruption by exporting. We've had some previous reports about CS3 files opened in CS5 and later that suddenly refuse to output or have other serious problems, and it sounds like your file is already showing some sort of weird behavior. It's best to export crom CS3 and open the .inx in the new version, but if you've already done a lot of work, exporting from CS5.5 will be better than nothing.

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                J~mer Level 1

                Thank you. Having read the thread I think my problems at this time are (thankfully) much less severe than those described, eg. no crashes et cetra. I've already been tinkering on this document (a 400+ page book with 9 files associated to the parent .idb) for a few months getting the kinks out and I haven't really had too many problems. (Though I think if I had read your thread those months ago, it's likely I may have had to tinker less.)

                This turned up as an issue because I want the reproduction of this text to be as exact to the original as possible and the page layout was being effected due to this glitch. At this time it is now under control and in the bag.  That was the glossary.  The job is done.

                You are busy and capable souls you two~ your words of advise help change people's days in very real ways.  Thank you, and stay healthy.