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    Please help me with trying to find a way to open much older AE files.

    RealAnise Level 1

      So I've assembled all the facts I could think of to try to make this question make sense...


      Running AE CS 5.5, trying to open files from long, long ago that were created in AE 5.5 (that was around in 2004).


      Windows 7 Home Premium

      Dell Inspiron 560

      Pentium Dual Core CPU 3.2 gHz

      4 gb ram

      64 bit

      The error message:


      Aftereffects error: This file was created with an older version of AE.(5.5) and can’t be opened. You can convert this file using an older version of AE and resaving.


      What good would it do to go back to AE 5.5 from 2004 and"resave" the old file with the SAME older version??


      I haven't been able to find any answers anywhere. I can't, CAN'T be the only person running into this problem. There has to be a way. I just can't believe that there is no way at all to get older files into a newer version of AE. ANY answers much appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          AE 5.5 files can be opened up to CS4, if I remember it correctly. It's somewhere in the online help. If that doesn't work, CS3 might do the trick. If you can't find anyone, feel free to contact me with a PM and we can work it out. I think I still have even 6.5 on my old system here somewhere and that can definitely open 5.5 files, in turn allowing 6.5 files to be opened in CS4 or CS5.5. You simply have to tippy-toe your way through...