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    HTTPService Response Handling

      Hey there. This is sort of directed at any Adobe Flex representative, but also towards the community in hopes that maybe there is a solution.

      The issue I'm having, is that the back-end team (I'm on the front-end team) under certain conditions sends 404 codes back, along with a response message for us to parse such that we can indicate the the user the appropriate message. These messages are stored and distributed via the back-end along with the response to certain requests. Now, this is all find and dandy, and I might add, a fairly industrial standard form of communication between services, however Flex disregards the response the server made, and takes it upon itself to construct an FaultEvent of its own which contains its own faultCode, faultDetail, and faultMessage. This is of no help to the user, and greatly constricts the *ehem* flexibility of the application.

      In an attempt to work around this shortcoming, the backend has modified its responses to fall within the HTTP 200 range, which we assumed would be acceptable as Flex appears to disregard other error codes. Such does not seem to be the case, even codes such as 201, 203 and 204, prompt the same behavior ( FaultEvent).

      The HTTPService object should not take it upon itself to disregard important information returned by the backend.

      The HTTPService should provide the means to allow for the returned response to be retained (I don't see why it can't do this regardless of the event it returns. i.e. keep the response in the FaultEvent)

      Adhere to the advertised open-source claims, and provide the source-code to HTTPService such that an effective extension or overriding of the class is possible by individual developers.

      -- Robin

      P.S. Please feel free to provide solutions, and suggestions, or post and backup my claims! :D Let's hope Adobe addresses our concerns.