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    Missing Contextual & Panel Menu - Update Library Item.




      I've got a small, but frustrating problem.


      When working in InDesign CS5, I want to update my Library Items.

      As the image below shows I am missing my "Update Library item".



      I have gone through Edit -> Menus and made sure that the Menu Item is visible, but alas no luck.



      I can edit currently visible items, like add a colour to their menu option etc, but whatever I do I can't get the Update Library Item menu option to show.


      The following has also been tested.

      Changed from Set: InDesign Default (Modified) to InDesign Defaults.

      This prompted me to save the one I used before as a new menu set.


      I have restarted InDesign for every change atempted, rebooted the computer after a few of the changes made.

      Googling this issue doesn't grant me much more information, seems to get stuck on the "Update" search options and returns some misguiding information, not realted to my issue.


      My Software:

      Mac OS X 10.8.x

      Adobe InDesign CS5


      Would much appreciate any help I can get here.