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    Livecycle components

    Priyanka Agarwal Level 1



      We have below requirements. Please anyone can validate that below requirements can be served by Adobe liveCycle Output ES3 module


      1. ALC trigger point – Watch folder and web Service
      2. Mode – Batch ,On Demand (Online)
      3. Input data – xml
      4. Channels – Print, Achieve, Email  and Fax
      5. Output format – PDF ,Excel and Doc
      6. Printer Configuration – Workflow printer ,Non workflow printer
      7. Printing – Local ,Remote ,Bulk printing (local or remote) ,Batch (Scheduled printing)
      8. Return the generated output stream to calling system


      Or suggest which module have to choose for the same.




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          Raghu Nagireddy Level 3

          Step 1 Its LiveCycle(LC)/Workbench capabilities, not from output service (Watch Folder is one of the start point, Webservice is from LC Foundation).

          Step 2 done by LC or it will perform/Run by java or any?

          Step 3 Its just xml can be produced in one of the way and to view Form Template(PDF/XDP) required here

          Step 4 Is this used to send the o/p? if so can be configured using LC (Ex: email is from LC Foundation) not from output service. Its based on the compatability what system using to Archive (ex: Filenet, Content Manager) and Fax.

          Step 5 only as PDF, To convert as Doc it requires "LC PDF Generator" module, not sure about Excel

          Step 6 can be configured in Output Service operations

          Step 7 Thats printer capabilities configured in Step 6

          Step 8 Output Service returns o/p, end system has to handle this.


          Hope this helps.