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    Premiere 9.0 locks source files for still images and title background

    Bettina BA

      I am using Adobe Premiere 9.0


      In this version - I hjave used two previous - I have problem while uppdating images inserted in timeline and backgrounds of titles. While editing them in Photoshop I get a file lock error. Either i have to:

      • Close Premiere, edit file and then restart
        Last time I did this I had problem to get image updated within Premiere. It still showed wrong image in timeline and while rendering but image gallery showed right image
      • or I have to save to a new filename and then insert image/background once again in timeline/title (that takes some time - pew!)


      I had the same problem in three different installations of my laptop and two different hardwares. Last laptop and installation is about two weeks old. It is a brand new Dell with WIndows XP. Adobe Premiere 9.0. All sourcefiles is on my own harddrive - nothing on the netdrives.

      Any ideas?