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    InDesign CS6 (8.0.1) -> HTML 5 'Flipbook'


      Good morning everyone,


      I am an InDesign CS6 user and I am looking for a solution to exporting my magazines/books/newsletters to an HTML 5 'flipbook', similar to the SWF flip books you can get.

      The reason I am looking for an HTML 5, or similar, is because I want these to be able to be viewed on smart phones and tablets, not just computer screens.


      Does anyone know of any software solutions that would hit the following criteria?

      • MAC based

      • Export direct from InDesign

      • Exported documents are readable on smartphones/iPads

      • Exported documents are searchable and have zoom functionality


      The basic export to SWF from InDesign is ok, but it doesn't have the zoom or page search functions that I require.  And of course they can't be read on the iPhone ... but if that is a comprimise I have to make then so be it.


      Any and all suggestions are welcomed, thanks in advance.