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    Authorising and DRM




      I had trouble getting my Sony ereader to sync so went through a process of installing a new version of Adobe digital editions and the sony reader program.


      I had an Adobe account from back when i bought the E reader in 2010 so assumed when the adobe program asked me to authorise the PC this is what i should do.


      It seems that although i had an id from 2010 the pc was not authorised with it.


      This has left me with 2 problems.


      A. I now cannot open any of the 600 odd books that were i assume registered to the PC i now discovered after reading help topics not with the Adobe ID.




      B. Many attempts at installing the program has now left me with an error "You can only authorise this computer with an Adobe ID that hasnt been previously used to authorise any other computer or mobile devices."


      Can anybody help me with problem A and if not at least provide a solution so i can authorise my Digital editions and E Reader and start from scratch :-(


      Kind Regards