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    using animated presets with rendered 3D text????

    posmindset Level 1

      this is a AE CS6 questions that starts with Photoshop.


      I purchased your second issue of photoshop dimensions (http://www.photoshopdimensions.com/)....awesome stuff btw......but i have a question.



      Using the adobe creative cloud apps, software is up to date.



      I'm following the tutorial in that report for the "3D Text" and would like to use that text in after effects and add an animated preset to the text.



      Would the animated presets for text work correctly with the "3D Text" allowing each letter of the 3D Text to be animated or will it act like a image and only animate the entire text block?


      is the 3D text i create still "Text" that each character in a word can be animated seperately?


      thanks for any clarification