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    NEWBIE: Flex/AIR and databses

      Hi all,

      I'm a Director(lingo) user and use flash with actionscript for UI in app.

      I'm now playing with Flex3 to see how it compares etc.

      OK, one of the things I think i'm getting confused with and need some clarity (in not too technical terms!), is the ability to connect to a database online(with flex) and offline(with AIR).

      For example, if I have a simple database with 'name', 'age' and 'sex', with Director I could use a simple ADO Xtra to connect to the database and add/ammend the records. - In this example, Director would be running as an .exe on the users PC with the database either local or on a network. The database could be a simple mdb (access) or sql etc.

      So, is it possible to have an AIR application connecting to a local database? and does that database have to be a specificv type? or can it be an mdb? If so, how is this implemented?

      When it's web based with flex, am i right in thinking that flex does not actually connect to a database, but instead uses a 'third party' such as php, asp etc to do this?

      As you can see, im confused!! Can someone explain in simple terms?

      Thanks everyone,