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    How does CQ map content (cq:Page) to its resourceType under jcr:content (cq:PageContent)?

    Harry Lou

      I have a /sling/servlet/default servlet registered with selector defined as "myselector" to serve both GET and POST requests. The component pointed to through resourceType also has a script called myselector.jsp. When the url is http://.../content.myselector.html, requests are always served by the servlet, but if the url is http://../content/_jcr_content.myselector.html, then myselector.jsp will  process the request. Just wonder what's really going on here. And if the custom servlet type is NOT /sling/servlet/default, what's going to happen in terms which will be used to process requests? It seems some magic logic is applied to map from resource (content) to the rendering servlet or scripts. Any explanation is appreciated.