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    Audio mix different on DVD than on computer

    bluzdawg Level 1

      On playback, i have unexpected audio mix results when i play the DVD on different players.  At points, the music comes out way


      louder than on the original mix, or the dialog drops down way too low.   It may be simply the difference in acoustics


      in 3 different rooms (?)  The same DVD played on my computer sounds exactly the same as mixed.  


      It's a simple mix of video dialog on Audio 1 and a single music soundtrack on Audio 2.   All of the mixing was done on the Audio mixer


      for the entire sequence,  using "Touch" as the automation mode. 


      Quite possible  I'm not understanding HOW to mix properly.  (Rookie here).    I can see the  keyframes on both tracks in the sequence 


      BUT the master track shows none, since i didn't directly manipulate the Master fader at any point,  assuming that the mix i was sending


      to the Master track would come out sounding just as i heard it when mixing.   I had been advised to keep the total volume level down


      to -12db, and basically did that all the way through.   This is a 30 minute movie,  and about half has music soundtrack under the dialog,


      or replaces the dialog.    My computer has a Logitech 5.1 system, and the default is "simulated surround" (front is duplicated in rear),


      in a small carpeted office.  The DVD player is in a much larger room, with a basic stereo setup,.  and the 3rd room is a cable tv office


      where we were observing the same audio discrepancy.     Do I need to "normalize" my master track?  Or apply a compressor or


      limiter of some sort?