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    Flash Player Detection

      Installed Flex Builder 3, receiving following message "The Flex Start Page requires the Adobe Flash Player. Please use the installers in the Flex Builder 3/Player/ folder to install the Adobe Flash Player into your default browser."
      I uninstalled Flash using the uninstall utility from Adobe & reinstalled using the versions included with Flex and still received the same message. Flash works fine in Explorer, Firefox and Netscape, but no luck in Flex. I'm sure like every other problem I have, it's related to Vista! Player V. win 9,0,115,0 - debug player 6 or higher: Yes. Can someone help me with this problem?
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          Handycam Level 1
          Did you install the player that came with Flex 3?

          If not, it's in the Flex 3 Builder directory under the Players directory, run the installer.

          Or try uninstalling all Flash players (plugin and ActiveX) and then run this installer.
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            bdub1813 Level 1
            I tried unistalling flash using the Adobe uninstaller and uninstalled Flex 3. Reinstalled Flex and had it use the included Flash versions and it still doesn't work. Flash works everywhere else in multiple browsers and in Flash CS3. Is there something special that Flex does when detecting Flash?
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              Handycam Level 1
              I'm sorry, I have no other ideas. I'm running it no problem here on Mac OS X Leopard. Others have it running on XP. Not sure about Vista.
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                Same problem here: Flex 3 (en) on German Vista, up-to-date Flash Players working in all browsers, but still "The Flex Start Page requires the Adobe Flash Player. Please use the installers in the Flex Builder 3/Player/ folder to install the Adobe Flash Player into your default browser."

                Flex bug.
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                  I get the same thing but on XP sp2. Flash works in all my browsers, but not the Flex start page. I have uninstalled Flash player and installed the version that came with FB3. Still no success.
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                    jrunrandy Adobe Employee
                    Can people who are having this problem please try a couple of things?

                    1) Go to Window > Preferences > Help and select Use external browser
                    2) Then, on the same panel, click "Web Browser", which displays the Web Browser panel
                    3) Click Use external Web browser and select Firefox or IE
                    4) Click OK
                    5) Bring up the Start Page (Help > Flex Start Page)

                    Please let me know if that fixes the problem. Also please let me know if you're running the Standalone version or the Plug-in version of Flex Builder.

                    Randy Nielsen
                    Flex Doc Manager
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                      matthew horn Level 3
                      One other thing that might help, when uninstalling Flash Player, be sure to close not only your browser window, but also any apps that are open that use Flash Player. This includes Yahoo Messenger.
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                        RickChicago Level 1
                        Same Problem at this end. Tried both your solutions, neither worked.

                        "The Flex Start Page requires the Adobe Flash Player. Please use the installers in the Flex Builder 3/Player/ folder to install the Adobe Flash Player into your default browser."

                        Tried IE and FF, external and internal.
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                          RickChicago Level 1
                          Got it working! First I tried restarting in safe mode - same problem.

                          Tried again on the next boot, again flex showed the same error. Then I said "Huh. How about a reboot and don't run anything at all." Yes, I talk to myself. Anyway, I rebooted, then after XP did it's interminable boot process, the very first thing I did was run the Flash installers that came with Flex (in the play dir.) No uninstallers - I ran the installers. First the ActiveX one, then the other. These took care of the uninstall automatically and competed without errors. THEN I ran Flex. And there it was - my missing opening screen. No more error.

                          Perhaps the problem is that when Flex runs then quits, some processes are left running or DLL's loaded, thus killing the install of the flash players. Whatever the cause, doing the install immediately after boot worked.
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                            I've run into this same problem and none of the earlier suggestions seemed to help.

                            I installed the following:
                            1. Java Runtime Environment: jre-6u5-windows-i586-p-s.exe
                            2. Eclipse: eclipse-SDK-3.3.2-win32.zip
                            3. Adobe Flex Builder 3 plug-in: FB3_WWEJ_Plugin.exe
                            4. Adobe Flash Player: Release 124 (I tried to update from release 115 to see if that made a difference)

                            I managed to track the [Flex Start Page] back to the source: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3 Plug-in\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.ui_3.0.194161\welcome\welcome.html

                            This page runs fine in the Firefox browser but didn't run in the Internet Explorer browser (Firefox is set as my default browser). In fact, in Internet Explorer it exhibited the same behavior as in Eclipse (the plot thickens!).

                            I tested my Adobe Flash Player version in both browsers with the following site: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_15507&sliceId=1

                            And both browser results correctly reported that:
                            Your Player Version: WIN 9,0,124,0
                            Debug Player: Yes

                            There is some code in the welcome.html file to "check to see if a player with Flash Product Install is available and the version meets the requirements for playback". I tried forcing this code to run anyway but that didn't work.

                            Hacking around in the welcome.html code revealed that the browser thinks:
                            - hasProductInstall = false (checks whether the Flash Player has the ability to start Player Product Install Version > 6.0.65)
                            - hasRequestedVersion = false (checks whether version > 9.0.28)

                            I'm giving up for now but perhaps somebody else has an idea?
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                              jrunrandy - yes it works when I set the external browser - thanks.
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                                Here it is November of 2008, and I experienced the same problem. For anybody else who might encounter this who would like to know what I did, here is what I did :-)

                                FWIW, I'm running XP (probably SP3) on an ancient (5 year old) laptop...

                                When I installed Flex Builder 3, I unchecked the box next to "install flash player for Internet Explorer", since I never use Internet Explorer.

                                After encountering this problem, I recalled that I unchecked that box. So I fired up IE, browsed to the Adobe site, downloaded the latest version of Flash player (for IE), and now I get the correct welcome screen.

                                I hope this helps somebody else in the future.

                                Finally, FWIW, the Flex Builder 3/Player/ folder on my computer was empty. Perhaps there was an error in my installation (though I don't recall seeing any), or perhaps the message displayed is out of date with respect to the current installation scheme. But I thought I should let somebody know.

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                                  THis is still not working for me. Running Zend Studio for Eclipse. Latest everything. Just installed Flash 10 and no difference.

                                  What's the workaround for this?
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                                    Looks like the flash version detect script is not working on IE7. It tries to determine whether it is running on Windows by examining the ser agent. Unfortunately the IE7 user agent does not include this information.
                                    IE6 user agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)
                                    IE7 user agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0)

                                    To work around this you could change line 5 in
                                    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.ui_3.0.214193\welcome\AC_OETags.js
                                    var isWin = (navigator. appVersion.toLowerCase().indexOf("win") != -1) ? true : false;
                                    var isWin = (navigator. platform.toLowerCase().indexOf("win") != -1) ? true : false;
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                                      M0r3Ale Level 1
                                      I installed Flex Builder 3 on my Vista laptop and experienced the same issue described above. After trying the previously mentioned solutions it still didn't work.

                                      I was able to get it working by downloading the latest zip file containing the player and plugins.

                                      I navigated to windows\system32\macromed\flash and uninstalled the plugins.

                                      then I unzipped the new files and navigated to:

                                      I installed the plugins and the debug plugins.

                                      That solved my issue.

                                      FYI: Vista Ultimate/IE 7
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                                        I guess this is a job for Flex developers:


                                        this line :


                                        var isWin = (navigator. appVersion.toLowerCase().indexOf("win") != -1) ? true : false;


                                        om my machine returns false, as


                                        navigator. appVersion = "4.0(compatible; msie 6.0)"


                                        therefore no OS details!


                                        Proper way of doing it would be, as daknin suggested above:


                                        var isWin = (navigator. platform.toLowerCase().indexOf("win") != -1) ? true : false;