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    Help encode H.264/AVC (BP@L3, MP@L4, HP@L4)


      I have a simple video that I need to encode for a Sony VSP-BZ10 signage player. There are three encoding choices:
      MPEG2-PS (MP@ML)

      MPEG2 TS (MP@HL)

      H.264/AVC (BP@L3, MP@L4, HP@L4)

      The video has no sound, if that matters.


      The specifics of these settings are over my head, and I'm not getting very far doing my online research. I can find some answers, but matching them up with a Premiere preset or custom setting is not something I have yet accomplished. It doesn't help that I can't test my work on the player- I'm on the other side of the world from it. My first cut using the H.264 Blu-Ray preset did not work, I'm told.


      Any advice?