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    Yesterday's Updates to Dynamic Link Media Server

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      I woke to find four updates to CS6 (Au, Ae, Ps, and Pr) yesterday, which the Updater called "Dynamic Link Media Server CS6 1.0.1 Update."


      I updated, and I updated my CUDA about the same time.


      Pr started working slower.  So, I reverted back, using my clone.


      Not sure if this was a coincicence, or which update to blame. 


      I'm back to the performance from both that I was used to.


      The CUDA update was for bugs I wasn't experiencing and for compatibility to 10.8, which I'm not running.


      Was I too hasty?  Do these Dynamic Link updates do anything?  Improve anything?



      MacPro3,1 - CS6 - Quadro 4000 - 10.7.4