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    Synchronized Video and Images in Player

    muzicman82 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I haven't dove into HTML5 yet, and the previous itteration of what I am trying to do exists in some old ActionScript/Flash, but I am really hoping there are easier and better ways to do this. All info is appreciated.


      The overall user experience would a main video player. Off to the side there would be an image place holder. What needs to happen is at specific timecodes during the video, corresponding images need to be displayed in the placeholder. I previously did this with cuepoints embedded in my FLV stream (provided by Influxis). The logis simple at cuepoint "1", display "1.jpg", and so on.


      I am looking at using FlowPlayer again, and they have a new HTML5 version. Looks promising, but I am hoping I can extend on their player with the outlined functionality.


      I would also really like to have a list on the left that has a "Chapter list", where the user and click on a chapter to jump to that spot in the video (and still images).


      Pointers and tips on doing this would be really great. HTML5 seems to be the way of the future so I'd like to go that route if it allows me, but I am not against doing AIR or Flash again.