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    Mercury Engine GPU bug/error/problem

    corrie uys

      Hi there


      Im experiencing a very strange phenomenon with the Mercury Engine in hardware mode. I recently upgraded my computer so I am running on new hardware. I ran Production Premium on my laptop and my older desktop, both working without problems.

      My new configuration is a 2600k i7, 16gig Ram, GTX 570. The problem will be best described with screenshots:


      The top image was taken in software mode. This is the correct result, displaying like it does on my laptop and old pc. The bottom pic shows the same frame in GPU acceleration mode.

      1. It looks like the Title texts' edge is shrunk by a pixel or so.

      2. The layer below the text, the strap, is an animated AE composition. It contains a drop shadow at 50%. In hardware mode it looks like its about 20%

      3. I have a 2 pixel 40% opacity black stroke applied to the strap. In hardware mode its almost completely invisible. I think the outline is shrunk as well.


      To make it even wierder, if I click on the Title layer in the preview window in Premiere, ie, if I select it, it suddenly displays correctly. When I deselect it, its wrong. If I open the title editor, the text displays correctly. When I close the title editor, its wrong again in the playback window. The straps all display correctly when I work on them in AE.


      This is forcing me to switch to software mode before I render, otherwise the rendered result is faulty. I'm 99% sure its a CUDA thing.


      Im running the latest nvidia drivers. Any ideas?