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    I have photoshop cs3, and often get "no disc error in drive -x-" error (optical drive)...


      Frequently when I startup my PS CS3 within the startup sequence for the software it pops up the error "No Disc in Drive E:" - which refers to an optical drive on my computer which I very rarely even use. I click "Continue" and it pops up again - sometimes 3 times - after which PS loads perfectly fine.

      [Yes, I know it's old software - I work for a not-for-profit, so please indulge my use of old software...]

      I double checked my scratch disc settings and they don't refer to the E: drive of course it's not even available as an option, but I figured I'd check anyway.
      Any other places / settings I can check to remedy this? Any one else come across this?
      As to some background for my usage of PS - I work as a graphics designer and media director in a not-for-profit and work several hours each day with it - so typically it is 'open' in my windows XP system for several days at a time until I see memory / performance hits begin to surface and completely close it to restart later in day. I have 2.33Ghz Dual Core with 2G of Ram. My 'threshold' for considering closing the app is when the Virtual Memory (or Working Set Memory) gets up to 850-900meg.