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    Why can't I synchronize DVCPRO or Cineform AVI Clips in CS6?

    RiverBarn Level 1

      When trying to automaticaly sync two clips, via timecode, using the Synchronize option in PP CS6, the "Syncronize" option is greyed out. This has happened with DVCPRO files since CS4 that I know of. I had been able to convert the files through AE to Cineform AVI to work-around the issue. This work-around was working in CS6 until the last set of updates.


      DVCPRO will not show timecode in the "Modify" window. Timecode is greyed out.

      The AVI Files show timecode in the "Modify" window but the "Synchronize" option is still greyed out when attempting to sync the clips.


      Both files will let you add the "Timecode Effect" and line them up by hand. So why will the files show proper timecode with the effect but not let you automatically sync them?


      Again, AVI Cineform was working with the auto sync until the last updates... as far as I know.


      Any help is very appreciated and thank you in advance!