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    InDesign CS6 file won't open in Winows 7


      I installed CS6 over a month ago and, for the last week or so, I have not been able to open InDesign files directly from the folder.  I get the "Windows can't open this file" box everytime.  It's Windows 7 64bit.


      The only way the files will open is if I open the InDesign program first, then open the files from inside the program.


      I tried selecting the program through the "Windows can't open this file" box, and I can find it easy enough in the Program Files (x86)>Adobe>Adobe InDesign CS6>InDesign, but the Windows "Open with" box does not list it even after I click it.  The only one it ever lists is Illustrator.


      All other Adobe files are still opening normally.  Fixed the Acrobat Pro 30-day issue today and made sure InDesign is up to date, but InDesign files are still not opening.


      Everything in CS6 was working fine and opening as it should until about a week ago.


      Any ideas?