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    No record of a loan has been found on this computer


      I have a Sony eReader PRS-350.  According to this site, it is equipped with the DRM enabled software that should allow me to download books from libraries.  I downloaded the digital editions 2.06.  First I could not authorize my computer, and found out that my computer had authorized itself, so I went through the de-authorizing and re-authorizing thing.  Now I cannot download any books I have downloaded from the online public library to my device.  Adobe Digital Editions registers my device there. I can look into it through ADE to see what books are there, all that works fine.  Yet when I try to move the downloaded book INTO my device, it tells me there is no record of a loan on the device.  Now when I go to "Add to Library", it will not even see the books I have downloaded.  The books are in .ascm format.  What is going on?  Very dissapointed. 

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          I had very similar.  I found a few ways of getting books onto the device that may work for you:

          depending on how you work or what readers you have, one or another may be convenient.


          The .acsm file is a sort of DRM pointer to the real file, and the real file is a .epub file.


          1. Use the Sony Reader software to read the .acsm file and download the .epub, and to push in to to the device. 
            Probably no need to use Adobe Reader at all.  May be the most convenient if you don't have other ebook devices.

          2. Use Adobe Digial Editions to read the .acsm file and download the .epub (as you are already doing).
            Then use the standard file manager to copy the .epub file from the PC to the Sony.
            Probably from C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Digital Editions\<bookname>.epub
            to X:\Digital Editions\<bookname>.epub
            where X: is the drive that the READER device is mounted. 

            May be the most convenient if you do have other ebook devices. 
            No need to have Sony Reader software installed to use this.

          3. Mixture of 1 and 2.  Use ADE to get the book, open the book in Sony Reader, and send it to the device from there.
            Not sure if that would ever be convenient, but ... it worked for me.