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    stage goes white and I cannot see any of my mc_s


      Hey Team,

      Wondering if you can help me out here, I am working on a Flash file that has lots of FLV player components all in different movieclips, all reading external flv files.  (This is all I can think of that I have been adding that has led to this worsening problem) I have noticed recently that the stage is becoming white more and more frequently and the movieclips on the stage are becoming invisible (yes i have not turned the eye off on the timeline) when you click on the white space you can go inside these invisible movieclips, you just cannot see what is there.  I have to close and restart Flash to see again, which I am having to do more and more often, I also notice that my .swf or projector file has become unstable when I export it and it will fail or close without warning or error.

      Here is some video of the problem..



      Any help as to what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated