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    Problems with Sprite Sheet efficiency and accuracy

    Ziplinski Level 1

      I quickly discovered several problems with the sprite sheets made through Generate Sprite Sheet in Flash CS6 and was wondering if anyone has experienced the same or has work arounds:


      1)  There is excessive white space around images. Below are links to two sprite sheets. One from Flash and the other from TexturePacker. Our dev team rejected the one from Flash because of all the empty space (The problem being that this will use up a lot of extra memory while the app is running.)   Yes, Trim was turned on (on both of these images). Other settings (like Max Rects) would move things around but the amount of blank pixels was not significantly affected.




      2) Dropped frames when using Trim. I've had two instances where the sprite sheet of an animation (involving a bitmap moved with a tween) lost some frames when Trim was used. In both cases turning off trim fixed the problem (but at the expense of a larger sprite sheet.)


      3) Sprites overlap when an animation extends off the stage.  This can be fixed by adding a mask to crop the animation (or enlarging the stage while exporting) but it seems like it would be easy to fix.


      If anyone has any insight -- as to work arounds or word from Adobe that these are issues that are being addressed in upgrades -- I'd love to know.