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    CS3 and AIR posibility's


      At the moment I'm building a Java applet to do some local work and send it off to the server when the user is satisfied with the results. I'm mainly talking about images (.jpg, .gif, .png, .etc). The communcation between Javascript and Java is just horrible (i mean i got it all to work, but it's quite unstable and it feels more like hacking
      the system).

      The only thing I want is having a certain local access to the disk (only read would do! ^^) after the user aloud it. It's for a completely driven AJAX CMS system I'm building and my only question is:

      Can i access AIR from a browser, e.a. the user is on a site, wants to upload an image and this image can
      be access from the local hard drive and Flash for example alters it's dimension and uploads a thumbnail to a specific server (same domain the web browser is located)?

      I'm going to read the documentation now anyway, too curious! ;)

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          dbforch Level 1
          Well Hi again ..

          The LocalConnection class, but if i understood the security model right, the application sandbox only allows direct access to the AIR's API, in order to get access you can build a bridge between the non-application sandbox and the application sandbox, pointing out you have to hide the alias functions of the AIR API functions you call and beware of all the security measures involved.

          So it's obvious then you build a local connection between the SWF in a browser and the AIR application (in the non-application sandbox) and build a bridge between the non-application and application sandbox. Correct? Anyone, just say yes or no so I don't have to spend my time learning all these programs (and languages). Java will do the trick (in a very very very hard way) but the Adobe (macr.) is just better and faster when it comes to web development.

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            Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
            Yes, LocalConnection can be used to communicate between SWF in the browser and AIR applications. However, you can communicate *directly* with application content via this method; there's no need to go through a non-application sandbox.

            Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering

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              dbforch Level 1
              Aaaah ok, Yea I have just read that in 'another' document ..

              Thank you! :) ..