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    How to get mouse position outside Flex Panel on right-mouse down event?

    poortip87 Level 1

      I am creating a Flex Panel, which has an image on it. I have set the "buttonMode" and "useHandCursor" property of the image to true. So, whenever I do a mouse over, the cursor changes into a hand tool. I am able to set the right-mouse-down, right-mouse-up, mouse-move events on it. But, I see that the mouse-move event is not working properly.



      For eg, when user right clicks on the image in Flex panel and then drags the mouse (while right mouse down) outside the Flex panel, I want to get the current position of mouse while user is dragging the mouse. But if I do the same thing on mouse down then everything works properly. Can anyone guide me why I am not able to do so in mouse right click?