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    Photoshop CS4 sudden lag after installing tablet driver



      So my PS CS4 had never lagged before, it was all running perfectly, all functions are going quickly. I was using the newest driver for wacom intuos 3,

      but with using a new driver, I had a weird pressure problem. It would only work with an older driver, so I uninstalled the newest driver and changed it into the older driver. But it won't work unless I trash photoshop prefernces (the ctrl alt shift thing) ...

      Suddenly everything just turns laggy, although no pressure problem.. brush lag, text tool lag, everything, even moving the canvas window lags. I don't know how to return the old preferences, i tried increasing virtual memory from 4k to 6k mb, but no change. In performance tab I changed memory usage from 70% to 80% no change too.

      I would like to try and change back to the newer wacom tablet, but i never found a solution to the newer driver pressure problem, everyone in some other forum suggested to trash photoshop preferences and change to older driver.. Ages ago, I did this in my computer, and it's running good, but recently I want to do it in my laptop, and it lags.


      I'm using windows 7, 64bit.

      RAM 8gb,

      E and C drive are more than 100GB available.

      photoshop version 11.0

      openGL turned off (or on, no difference)


      I tried uninstalling photoshop but no luck. I tried updating GeForce driver to the latest version, no luck too. (I'm using gtx 420m)

      I'm just curious if there's a way to fix the problem without having to download photoshop patch (because it was running perfectly so I don't think it has anything to do with photoshop patch?)



      any idea? please tell me if i forgot to mention something..

      thank you