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    Can i make my flash app invisible ???

    Ghost Of Death Level 1
      Hi all, Is it possible to make a flash movie that runs invisble while windows is working ??? if yes, can i make it interact with keyboard hits ??? like when i start the swf or exe file it i wanna have a button to make it dissappear and start working invisble, and when i press a specific key in the keyboard it appears again,, is this possible ???? plz i need this argently, I've posted this in the general discussion and got nothing :( Thanx
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          You might try setting your Flash object inside a div and then make that div not visible.
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            Greg Dove Level 4
            You seem to be asking about exes which I guess means the projector version. My suggestion is that if you need to do this you would have to consider a 3rd party tool like swf studio or mdm zinc for as2. I don't know first hand if they can do exactly what you want, but I know you can't do that with the regular flash projector exe.
            I also don't know if you can do what you are asking with Adobe AIR but that is using as3 anyway, so not relevant in this forum. Otherwise, if coding in as3 is an option for you, then you may want to ask others about that. I think there is a specific AIR forum.
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              Level 7
              Yes you can by using Jugglor.

              You can use :

              Show the Flash file on the desktop.

              Syntax - Active X :

              Flash MX , MS2004, 8, CS3

              Flash MX2004, 8, CS3



              Hide the Flash file on the desktop.

              Syntax - Active X :

              Flash MX , MS2004, 8, CS3

              Flash MX2004, 8, CS3


              See the Jugglor Help file -> Advanced Techniques -> FSCommands -> All

              You can also hide the window by minimising it in the Icon tray

              Jugglor -> Setup Settings -> Icon Tray -> Start minimised

              Download an evaluation copy and try it


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