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    Where can i find the property data stored for design dialog in repository


      I have a design dialog that has a widget with proerpty name say pageInfo. How can I find the information populated in this pageInfo in the content explorer where do the nodes for design dialog properties content get created

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          When a page is created, it is placed somewhere in the /content/ node of your installation, for example /content/dap/page_sub_cat/MyCQ5Page. Under the node for the page, there is a jcr:content node where the content for the page is stored. Looking at the jcr:content properties via WCM or crxde will not reveal a lot. If you do not have direct access to the server, you can create a package in package manager including a filter /content/dap/page_sub_cat/MyCQ5Page. Download then extract this package. Drill down to the root of your page (a few parent levels will be created in the package). Inside this directory, there is .content.xml file. This is the content of the page repository represented in xml format. There will be a node for each parsys like:






          Each component placed inside those parsys' will be a child node of the container, and the user input will appear as attributes named from the component's data inputs and the user input as the values of the attributes. Something like:









                                  enteredText="This is the bomb CMS!"/>