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    'Complex' URL rewriting, CF Controller?


      How is best to control traffic when rewriting URLs? I have only looked into this recently, so below is what I have understood about URL rewriting.


      I have considered using apache rewrite to access a CFM page to control all traffic.


      domain.com/long/stupid/url/index.cfm?id=12345 -> Apache Rewrite -> domain.com/index.cfm/long/stupid/url/index.cfm?id=12345

      Index.cfm, queries the database for id 12345 and gives me back an 'area' and 'title' and uses a permanent redirect to domain.com/portal-area/12345-page-title-with-hyphens


      Upon redirect


      domain.com/area/12345-page-title-with-hyphens  -> Apache Rewrite -> domain.com/index.cfm/portal-area/12345-page-title-with-hyphens

      Index.cfm provides the conten based on the 12345 id.


      Since apache doesn't have page titles and it doesn't know the 'portal-area' or 'short title' I don't see how I could use it for much more than I am.


      Also I have other rules like...


      there are a couple of areas which you can browse with a specific subdomain, which links directly to them. Unfortunately you can browse the entire website using these subdomains, which means lots of duplicate indexed pages on google. I want to check the area the page belongs to and switch between the subdomains.


      There are subdomains that were made as simple redirects, unfortunately these too allow you to browse the entire website without redirecting to the main domain. I need to handle these.


      There are shortcuts like domain.com/shortcut which need to be resolve to the new urls too.


      This website has about 50,000 pages, and a lot of traffic. It also runs through a CDN, so I'm not 100% sure how it will handle caching and the controller..


      Is this my best option? or does anyone have an alternative solution? My concern is CF will be too slow. Thanks