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    Inspector not working... weinre: target not connected


      Whe I try to connect to my iPhone 3G with Edge Inspect, the Inpsect app on the iPhone shows the mirror of the browser on my Desktop machine, but when I click on the < > button, the inspector window launches, but instead of the link to the device being shown I get Devices: none and the title in the top of the windaw says weinre: target not connected.


      I have waited for for the spinning icon at the top of the app on the iPhone to stop spinning, but the inpsector window still does not connect.




      Some info:

      • Remote device: iPhone 3g
      • Local device: Mac OS X 10.7.5
      • Local browser: Chrome version 22.0.1229.92

      I have also tried connecting to an iPad 2 and it all works brilliantly. Edge Inspect is a great tool, but I am frustrated that the connection to my iPhone is not working. It was the same when it was Shadow

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