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    AE CS6 & Facilis Terrablock import problems.




      I am having some problems wich I hope some of you can help me with. At our company we are running 4 gfx station (3 x HP Z800 and 1 Dell Precision T7500). These stations are connected to a Facilis Terrablock via Fibrechannel. We work with Adobe CS6 Master.


      One HP and the Dell are running smoothly but two HP's are having the same problem and that is importing a image sequence from the Terrablock. The option that you normally get on the lower left corner (Import as: Footage/Sequence) is greyed out.


      If I try it with AE CS5, it all works fine. Really don't know what the problem is as the other two machines work fine.


      Anybody have an id????




      Thierry Tolhuijs