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    Epub output contains unsupported attributes - cannot be uploaded to Google

    robert-sfl Level 1

      Hi all,

      my Epub files that are generated with RH10 cannot be uploaded to Google because of problems in the OPF file. Particularly it contains the property "scripted" for all htm files and this is not accepted during upload.


      I downloaded the current version of Epubcheck and have activated that option in the Epub SSL. However, this check does not reveal any problems.Actually it does not do anything, no log is produced and no error/success message displayd.


      1. How is this Epubcheck intended to work, I thought it should detect such problems?

      2. I can of course manually remove properties in the OPF that cause problems. Has anybody found a solution to permanently correct the internal templates that Robohelp uses to build the Epub output?