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    Restrict copying of a PDF file


      Can I restrict copying of a PDF file?  Not the content, the entire file.  If not, is there an add on I can purchase?

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          No, a file is a file and can always be copied. (Imagine if Adobe found a way to limit it, you'd just have to go to a computer without Adobe software). You can, however, limit the computers or people that can open the file, so a copy is useless. This is called DRM and is a complicated and very controversial subject.

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            Digital Rights Management is far from complicated - it's just very expensive!


            The only way to control the copy or move operations on a file system would be to install a rootkit program that was tied to a proprietary file format - this was attempted by a well-known music and video company several years back and was ruled illegal, it cost them a fortune. There are always ways round it by loading alternate operating systems.