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    Access to Webkit settings from ActionScript?

    murfmee Level 1

      I'm responding to a post in a thread made over in the now closed Labs AIR forum.

      I had asked:

      Is there a way to access the Webkit engine's settings from within an AIR application?

      To which anirudhs replied:

      No, there's no way to access the webkit engine's settings from an AIR application.

      But then Arno Gourdol asked:

      If you'd like us to consider adding this feature in a future version of Adobe AIR, could you provide a bit more info regarding why this feature is important to you and how you'd like to use it?

      So... For me this feature is important because I want to be able to have an HTML component create the DOM structure, so that I can then analyze and manipulate it in AIR, without having it download all of the images or other embedded files on the page. With this functionality I could have an AIR app load a handful of pages from a website, render them into DOM structures "off screen" using HTML components, parse through the DOM looking for specific Elements, then recombine those Elements into a new page which I could then render in a visible HTML component for the user.

      Currently I don't know of any way to render loaded HTML into the DOM structure that Webkit creates, without rendering everything on the page.. which means wasted time and bandwidth if I just want access to the DOM structure and/or copy on the page.

      Thank you. :)