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    Button that opens your browser and goes to a URL. Please help!!!!!

    malloy_david Level 1

      I need help fixing this code. I think I am almost there. Everything works but I cant get the button to go to a URL. Please help. Also I am having trouble getting a paragraph in the message box to have mutiple lines instead staying on the same line. It just stretches the width of the box out. SMH. I really need some help.


      var strExt = "URL.pdf";

      var strIntro = "URLs (http,https, ftp, ftps)";


      var JSADMDlg =




             name: "JSADM Dialog",

             align_children: "align_offscreen",

             width: 700,

              height: 400,




                   item_id: "stat",

                   name: "Here is the part where I want to put a paragraph but the text will only stay on this one line and wont go to te next line just unlike what this sentence is doing right now. for some reason it will just stretch th width of the box out",

                   type: "button",