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    Scale model to 0, 0, 0

    adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
      My model has an animation where it scales to 0%, essentially hiding it from view. It then scales back up to 100% its original size.

      In Director I am trying to play the sequence leading up to the scale-to-0 operation and then pause. Once the animation plays, however, the objects spring back to 100% their original size.

      Is there any reason that Director would have trouble with scaling an object to 0?
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          _lw Level 1
          There should be no problem about scaling a model down to vector(0,0,0). Are you sure there is nothing wrong with the motionblending, playlist or something else that could make the motion jump to a different point?
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            adam@blueapplestudio Level 1

            I set blendFactor, autoBlend and blendTime all to false before starting the animation, and the playlist is empty. My model seems to shrink down to (0, 0, 0,) and then snap back to full size.
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              adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
              There is a file here ( http://www.blueapplestudio.com/Director/ and click on ScaleToZeroTest.dir.zip) that illustrates my problem. Can you tell where I am making an error?
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                McFazstp Level 1
                Is that the right animation? Looks to me like it snaps to zero then scales up to 100%
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                  adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
                  I took another look at the animation itself and there seems to be a problem with the exporter.

                  Here is a breakdown of the keyframes in Lightwave-

                  0-10: static
                  10-20: head scales from 100% to 0%
                  20-30: static; holds on the 0% scale on the head
                  30-40: scales back up to 100%
                  40-60: static; holds on the 100% scale on the head

                  <all keyframes are using linear interpolation.>

                  Now, when the .w3d is viewed on the stage in Director, the head never seems to hold on 0% scale. There should be a full .333 second span (frames 20-30) where the head is invisible as it is scaled to 0%.

                  Does anyone know of a scale-specific issue with the Lightwave exporter? Is this what the problem is?
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                    _lw Level 1
                    Your code seems to work correct but the animation does not bahave like you described it. Import the 3D member into a new blank director-project, put it on the stage and hit the play button. Then you can see how the animation looks like.
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                      adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
                      You are both right to point to the animation itself. I think there may be a problem with the Lightwave exporter. I am going to do some tests and see if I can determine what the problem is.
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                        DAVID NAJAR Level 1
                        Hi, is not posible to scale down an object to 0, on logical meanings it said vanished from the 3D world, nothing, in fact old versions of shockwave3D crash when the scale nearest aproach to 0. May you need to scale down to 0.0010 as minimun for each component of the model's scale vector and make the object full transparent by the shader property blend, or by the model property visibility set to #none, erase the model from de scene, remove from world, and others ways. I dont know what exactly you want to do but this information may help.

                        Have a nice day.
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                          adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
                          Hello David,

                          It sounds like you and hondo3000 have very different opinions on Director's ability to scale to 0. I haven't gotten it to work yet, so I am inclined to believe you are right.

                          I have since gone the route you suggested. I am scaling the object by a percentage over time, and once it is below a small value the faces of the model are made invisible.

                          Thanks for your input. I will stop looking to the LightWave exporter as the problem.

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                            _lw Level 1
                            Ok, i did a short test and thought for a moment that it is possible to scale down to zero when you use the keyframeplayer. I took a simple cube and scaled it down from vector(1,1,1) to vector(0,0,0) (frame 1-50) and scaled it up to vector(1,1,1) again (frame 50-100). There seemed to be no problem, animation looked in director as expected.
                            Had now a closer look at the scaling values and it seems that cinema4d exports in this case instead of vector(0,0,0) vector(0.0006, 0.0006, 0.0006).

                            second test:
                            Same cube scaled down from 1 to 0 (frame 1-50) and not scaling it up from frame 50-100. In this test the cube scales down, and when it should stay at a scaling of 0 it scales up to vector(1,1,1) instead of producing an error that would be produced when you try to use "mymodel.transform.scale=vector(0,0,0)". Same that happend in your demofile.

                            DAVID NAJAR is completely right about the scaling in shockwave3d. I would still like to know if the shockwave3d-exporters export the scaling-vector with a value of vector(0,0,0) and the shockwave3d engine is replacing these values with vector(1,1,1) to avoid errors or if the animations are exported wrong from the 3d authoring programms...

                            sorry for confusions...

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                              adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
                              No confusion, hondo3000. Also, I appreciate you performing those tests and sharing the results. I too would like to know what those scale vectors are exported as.

                              Is there a .w3d parser out there? I tried opening the .w3d in a text editor and got a big mess. I'll investigate further and share anything I come up with.

                              Thanks again.