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    Nested DragMove

      I have the following situation set up:
      imagine an xml file that has

      and I am using repeater component with a custom renderer. the repeater is set to have dragMove, drag, and drop enabled. the custom renderer contains another repeater component for the folder's children...

      the problem I'm running into is dragging and dropping stuff around. Its not getting the right 'object' when I drop it.

      any ideas? do array collections have to be 'refreshed' in terms of the data? if so how does one go about it?
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          ntsiii Level 3
          First, technically, you are not using a "custom renderer" with Repeater. Those only apply to list-based components.

          Second, is your data correct, without/before the drag/drop operation?

          Third, are you overriding the drag events/methods, where you can debug the data?

          Collections contain data. If they are updated in certain ways, they may not dispatch the necessary events to cause the UI components to update themselves. But programatically no. You can always access an element using getItemAt(), and it will be current.

          Tracy (photon wannabe)