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    Dynamic link workflow same PP edit different AE comps

    Mariano . . . Level 1

      First I'm new with premiere pro. I switch from FCP7. And i must confess I'm really happy with it.  All my inserts of dynamic links from AE in the timeline makes my workflow super fast and also with much better quality than FCP not only because of less rendering and better codec handling but also creative is more friendly. is so easy to make a little obsesive correction of a animation when the file is not render yet! haha love it.


      Now I need to know how do you think is the best way to organize a PP project when you need to make different version of the same edit.

      for example let's say if you are doing a TV commercial for one country and then you need exactly the same edit but the logo or any graphic need to change because is for another country. How do you do to make the same edit but with different AE comps links?


      when using finalcut I usually render two different comps from AE and Insert them on two different sequences in FCP. I would like to have something similar but with AE links

      the only way I found to have different versions in the same Premiere project is using only one sequence in PP and changing AE comps, I close layers in AE and open the ones I want to see in PP but is not a very organize workflow.


      any suggestion?


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          lasvideo Level 4

          One possible approach is to duplicate your PrP sequence for the new market.

          Then close PrP for a moment and open the first AE project you need to change.

          Make your changes and save under a new name.

          RENDER out a movie (make sure the project link option is checked  in the export options screen).

          Open PrP and the sequence you just duplicated.

          Now Import the AE movie with revised info into PrP.

          Use the REPLACE function to place the new AE movie over the old AE dynamic linked clip.

          If you need to work on that clip in AE, highlight the clip and select "Edit Original" and the AE project will open up.


          This is due to the Project Link option you selected when you rendered out the movie.

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            Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

            There is no one and only proper workflow actually. Options vary from creating language dependant layers (pre-comps), which eyeballs you may enable or disable upon your needs, within the same dynamically linked AE composition to e.g. having multiple video tracks within your PrPro sequence, on which you put corresponding dynamically linked comps with country dependant content, and which eyeballs you can enable or disable as well.


            Just plan your work and decide what suits best in a particular situation.

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              lasvideo Level 4

              Mariano, personally, when Im doing mutiple vesions of a spot I like to have a compete sequence for each version. As opposed to one sequence with clips for different markets stacked on each other throughout the timeline and viewable by turning one on and the other off.


              The complete seqeunce for each market approach reduces confusion for me.

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                Mariano . . . Level 1

                Thanks both for you answers.


                Lasvideo, I didn't know the option for rendering and then edit the AE comp. Thanks for that!

                and I totally agree on your workflow I also think is better to have different sequences with offline and online edits for each market. And it is a better organize workflow for backup. Sometimes the client after month decides to reuse the commercial and the eyeball on/off workflow in AE is really confusing when you open an old project.


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                  Mariano . . . Level 1

                  Hey Lasvideo,

                  I found super useful the render in AE with edit original option in premiere. thanks for that!


                  Also want to let you know that on a huge project I was working this week (32 corporate videos of products) with different versions I found a good workflow for same edit different versions.


                  Just duplicating the Premiere project and the AE project then go to the duplicate premiere project make all of the dynamic links offline and relink them to the copy of the original AE project.  So you have each premiere project relink with each AE project.


                  or even if you want to keep just one premiere proj then you can make offline just the comps on a duplicate sequence and relink to a new AE project


                  wow dynamic link is so good!