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    Material recorded in lower field becomes Upper field


      We are running Premier Pro CS 6.0.2 and there is a problem acquiring material from tape. Material recorded in lower field (which is the default

      unchangeable) becomes Upper field in the file but the metadata still thinks the material is lower field and it plays wrong fields directly after capture. We have tried different video decks without any luck. Only workaround is to take all material acquired and flip it over to "Upper field". Then the material becomes useable on the timeline and on the monitor. I have tried to change the timeline from lower to upper without any success unless I change the material first. We are using Deckling Studio from BlackMagic as a capture card which strangely works with Final cut 7 without flipping the fields. I have also tried to acquiring the material with different codecs without any luck. We have also taken the acquired quicktime file of Premier Pro into Final Cut Pro 7 and the problem exist there as well.


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