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    Is my graphics card ok to edit video on adobe elements


      I am about to purchase a new computer with the following spec:




      Asus P8H77-V LE

      In-built audio


      Intel core i5 3570 quad core 3.4ghz


      8gb ddr3 xms3

      System HD

      500gb WD caviar 7200 rpm

      Audio HD

      2TB WD caviar 7200rpm +£60

      Windows OS

      7 home premium 64 bit

      Graphics card

      1Gb Asus GT 610


      and have the following questions:

      1. Am I right to say that if I want to use Adobe elements 11 only for editing video, this graphics card will be ok.  I realise its not as powerful as the GTX range but I’m not looking to upgrade to Adobe premiere pro as elements seems more than suitable to my requirements
      2. Because Adobe elements doesn’t make use of the GPU aspect of graphics cards, the relatively low CUDA for the GT 610 (48 CUDA if you're interested) won’t be an issue.


      I apologise for these newbie questions but just want to ensure I’m not making a mistake and would be grateful for any assistance. The reason I can’t request a GTX card is that the above spec is for a music PC and the GT 610 is mandatory. If this spec processes video then that would be a great bonus for me and I just want to confirm this.


      Many thanks for any assistance


      Video Newbie