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    Installing and more

    PO inKentucky

      I tried installing Adobe Flash Player - FAILED TO COMPLETE INSTALL.

      Now I keep getting "pop ups"  saying "Website requests (etc.) and no matter if I select "Install" or "Dont Install" nothing else happens.

      I cant get this stinking thing to go away

      It's annoying the @#/?+&$ out of me and I want to call Adobe to find out what is going on but cannot find a telephone number for thim.

      Perhaps the reason I cant find a telephone number for them is because so many people are having these kinds of problems.

      I am an older person who is not an expert on the computer and recognize that this is probably a large part of the problem.

      I am using Windows 7 as my operating system.

      I am so frustrated I want to blow up something to hopefully "blow away" my frustrations.

      "Pop ups" are annoying as heck and are probably s=created in order to sell - anti pop up programs.