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    Flex 3: CompressionAlgorithm undefined property


      I downloaded the Flex 3 Builder Pro Trial. One of the features I was waiting for is the compression of Strings through ByteArrays using CompressionAlgorithm.DEFLATE and CompressionAlgorithm.ZLIB. Now I can see CompressionAlgorithm in the documentation that ships with Flex 3 only, but when I use ByteArray.compress() in ActionScript, it does not expect the parameter CompressionAlgorithm.DEFLATE or CompressionAlgorithm.ZLIB. Instead it expects 0 parameters like in Flex 2. Moreover, the class CompressionAlgorithm does not exists at all!

      I checked Windows --> Preferences --> Flex --> Installed Flex SDKs and it uses Flex 3.

      Am I forgetting something?