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    Drive Usage Configuration for CS6 Workstation?

    wood1041 Level 1

      I'm trying to setup a workstation optimized for Adobe Premiere CS6 and need some advice on drive usage. (Projects, Media, Previews, Media Cache, etc.)But with the backup situation I'm currently using, I'm only allotted 1TB, so I have to pick and choose what drives I should back up.


      Here's the setup I have...

      System Setup:

      HP Z820

      16gb RAM

      Nvidia Quadro 6000


      Drive Setup:

      C:(OS) 300GB SATA SSD

      D: 500gb SATA 7200rpm

      E: 1TB SATA 7200rpm


      I can either backup my OS SSD drive and the 500GB drive or just the TB drive. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!


      Shayne W.

      Boise, ID