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    Subclip descriptions from Prelude

    NilsW Level 1



      it is unbelievable for me, but Pr does not show the Subclip descriptions made in Prelude. All other stuff works fine: Comment markers, names of Subclips, export, directly send to Pr. But no subclip descriptions. This is really annoying when a producer takes lot of time for these comments, and the Editor cannot see them. Even when exporting FCP XML it doesn't work. In FCP7 the descriptions are visible in a seperate marker. This makes sense when looking at the XML code. But Pr does not interpret the XML in the right way.

      I've read from this issue some weeks ago in the Prelude Forum, but the only answer was: Premiere does not read this information. Wow!


      Feature request / bug report is done. I can't believe this is a missing feature. I think this is a bug. When i'm able to write those descriptions in Prelude, then, of course, I want to see them in Premiere.


      Anyone else registered this issue?